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For any project that requires building permits and inspections, it’s usually wise to consult with a building designer, architect or structural engineer. While many agencies require an architect’s approval, not all do and there are many gray areas that exist.

By consulting with one or more of these firms, you ensure that your project will be built to current codes and problems will be avoided. Also, you are hiring a committed professional. While the cost will certainly be higher for pre planning you are guaranteed that the end product will be structurally sound. These individual firms are capable understanding the needs and requirements of the project, and creating all the working drawings as well as overseeing the entire project in conjunction with your building contractor.

The primary goal of every construction project is to end up with a high-quality product while staying within budget and on schedule. Cranston Construction provides construction-consulting expertise to keep projects on track from inception through post construction activities. Through all phases of a project, cost estimating, scheduling, document management, and state of the art technology are used to effectively determine and regulate how a client’s time and money are used and to ensure a successful build out.

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